Enshrines Okuninushi of Izumo mythologies 01Izumo Oyashiro

One of the oldest shrines in Japan that enshrines Okuninushi and a popular spiritual spot of successful relationships. According to "The Kojiki" and "The Nihon Shoki", Izumo Oyashiro was originally built as a great palace at the time of "transfer of the land of Okuninushi". The current main shrine was built in 1744 at a height of 24 meters. The shrine was designated as a national treasure in 1952. Building renovations (Sengu) take place every 60 years and the latest renovation just finished recently.

A195, Kizuki-higashi, Taisha-cho, Izumo-City



Gods gather in Izumo in Kamiarizuki
Izumo Oyashiro is known as the god of marriage. Myriads of gods throughout Japan gather in October on lunar calendar (Kamiarizuki) to discuss relationships. The shrine is crowded with visitors who wish to find a good partner.

Welcoming gods ritual
The ritual to welcome gods from around Japan on the night of October tenth.

◆How to worship at Izumo Oyashiro◆
Praying at shrines
At most shrines, you should bow twice, clap twice, and bow a final time. At Izumo Oyashiro, the proper way is to bow twice, clap four times, and bow a final time.

Shinmon Street

A National Treasure and symbol of Matsue 11National Treasures Matsue Castle

One of the 12 castle towers designated as a National Treasure in July, 2015. It is also called "Chidori (plover) Castle" due to its roof being shaped like a bird spreading its wings. You can enjoy amazing views around Lake Shinji from the top of the castle and seasonal nature in Shiroyama Koen Park.

A1-5, Tonomachi, Matsue-City

O[April-September] 8:30am-6:30pm [October-March] 8:30am-5pm

COpen 7 days a week

PMatsue Castle Otemae Parking


400 years of History in Matsue Matsue History Museum

Materials, films and models portray the anatomy of the castle town as well as its history and culture. Visitors can enjoy green tea and Japanese confectioneries at a cafe. The museum serves as a good starting point to tour around the castle city. A must-visit to get to know the castle.

A279, Tonomachi, Matsue-City

O[April-September] 8:30am-6:30pm [October-March] 8:30am-5pm

CEvery Month third Thursday (If holiday, close the following day)

PMatsue Castle Otemae Parking


A boat cruise to feel the seasons Horikawa Sightseeing Boat Pier

A moat surrounding the castle still remains as it was when the castle was built. "Horikawa Meguri" boat cruising offers visitors a chance to enjoy various spots including an authentic city view and areas associated with Yakumo Koizumi.

A507-1, Kuroda-cho, Matsue-City

O9am-5pm (Closing time varies depending on season)

COpen 7 days a week. Operation depends on weather



Escape to a harmonious world of Japanese paintings and gardens. 26Adachi Museum of Art

The museum stores 1500 works of art, ranging from modern Japanese paintings by the great painter Yokoyama Taikan to pottery by Yasugi's own Kawai Kanjiro and Kitaoji Rosanjin, a well known chef and potter. The museum also houses lacquer works and more. Its 40 acre Japanese garden has been ranked "Best Garden" in the US Journal "The Journal of Japanese Gardening" for 15 consecutive years.

A320, Furukawa-cho, Yasugi-City

O[April-September] 9am-5:30pm [October-March] 9am-5pm

COpen 7 days a week (Annex closes occasionally)

PAvailable (Including motor-coach)


Tea ceremony room "Juraku-An"
Enjoy green tea of the highest quality as you take in the view of the twin "Living Hanging Scrolls".

"Yokoyama Taikan Special Exhibition Room"
Master of modern Japanese painting Yokoyama Taikan's 150 works of his early to later years is collected in Adachi Museum of Art. His works will be reselected 4 times a year in season to display in exhibition room throughout the year.
※Unauthorized copying prohibited.

San'in's major hot spring in the sea 36Kaike Onsen

Kaike onsen is said to have been found by a fisherman as a hot spring located in the sea about 100 years ago. The hot spring has abundant amounts of sea water, called "Kaike" meaning "everyone lives". These hot springs are said to be good not only for your health and beauty but for your longevity as well.

As the hot spring is located in the center of San'in area, it makes a good hub as you tour the surrounding area.

A3-1-1, Kaikeonsen, Yonago-City


COpen 7 days a week

P30 cars

TEL0859-34-2888 (Kaike Onsen union)

"Kaike Yokocho Kinaiya". A souvenir shop dealing in local specialties.
TEL 0859-30-3220

Kaike onsen is in the birthplace of Japan's triathlon and is visited by a number of ironmen in July.

Relaxing foot bath with a breeze from the sea
There are two foot bath spots in Kaike that anyone can use by free. One is "Shiokaze (=Sea breeze)" with the ocean view and the other is "Hanakaze (=Flower breeze)", a foot bath surrounded by seasonal flowers.
Shiokaze no Ashiyu Kaike Kaihinhama park
■Open 10am-9pm
Hanakaze no Ashiyu Yonago City Tourism park
■Open 9am-9pm

World of Shigeru Mizuki full of familiar yokais 46Mizuki Shigeru Road

Mizuki Shigeru Road stretches 800 meters from JR Sakaiminato Station and welcomes visitors with 174 yokai statues. The street is literally the world of yokais with the spring of Kappa, huge yokai wall paintings, and Mizuki Shigeru Museum.

ATaisho-machi to Hon-machi, Sakaiminato-City



You can get a certificate of completion if you collect all the yokai stamps!

Yokai parade by Kitaro and his friends takes place semimonthly.

Seek the ancient mystery of Izumo!! 04Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo

The Museum exhibits ancient culture and history of Izumo.
They host giant pillars called Uzubashira found in the shrine precinct, a one-tenth scale model of the 48 meter main hall of ancient Izumo Taisha, bronze swords (a national treasure) and bronze vessels (bells). The museum is a must see, and offers insight into the history and culture of Izumo.

A99-4, Kizuki-higashi, Taisha-cho, Izumo-City

O9am-6pm (Nov-Feb/9am-5pm)

CEvery 3rd Tuesday (If holiday, close the following day)



Proof of the existence of Izumo Kingdom 08Kojindani Park and Archaeological Museum

In summer 1984, a historical record of 358 bronze swords, that surpasses the total number of swords found from Yayoi Era (3rd century B.C.-6th century A.D.), were discovered from the cite. In July, you can savor beautiful 50,000 lotus flowers in full bloom.

A873-8, Kanba, Hirata-cho, Izumo-City

OHistoric park 9am-6pm  Museum 9am-5pm

CTuesday, Year-and New Year holidays



Works of artists from Yasugi 32Kano Museum of Art

Kano Museum was founded by Mr. Hiroki Kano as a base of cultural activity with the hope to develop his hometown. The Momoyama Era Bizen wares it exhibits were designated as an important intangible cultural property by Japan and Okayama Prefecture.

A345-27, Fube, Hirose-cho, Yasugi-City

O9am-4:30pm (Reception closes at 4pm)

CTuesday (If holiday, close the following day), Year-end and New Year holidays



Museum of Japan-specific steel manufacturing "Tatara" 33Wako Museum

The museum shows pieces of Japanese sword manufactured by a steel-manufacturing technique called "Tatara", and explains its production and distribution techniques. The pieces are designated a National Significant tangible folk cultural asset. Bi-annual exhibitions and other events are held at the museum.

A1058, Yasugi-cho, Yasugi-City


CWednesday (If holiday, close the following day), Year-end and New Year holidays



Protect and convey Asian culture 42Asia Museum and Yasushi Inoue Museum

Visitors can experience Asian culture with exhibits including traditional local fibers, intangible cultural property of the Tottori Yumihama Kasuri, history and culture of the Mongolian Empire, and study models of Yasushi Inoue.

A57, Oshinozu-cho, Yonago-City


CMonday (if holiday, close the following day)



Revived Hakuho style temple 43Kamiyodo Hakuho no Oka Exhibition Hall

This is the only facility in Japan to restore the main hall of an ancient temple to full-scale. More than 160 precious cultural properties are exhibited including one of the oldest Buddhist wall paintings.

A977-2, Fukuoka, Yodoe-cho, Yonago-City

O9:30am-6pm (Admission 5:30pm)

CTuesday, The next day of holiday, Year-end and New Year holidays



Three major hot spring of beauty 07Yunokawa Onsen

Izumo-myths says Yakamihime take a good rest at this hotspring and became even more beautiful. You can use a public bath at Izumo Irisu no Oka and free-flowing hot spring footbath at roadside station Yunokawa.

AGakuto, Hirata-cho, Izumo-City


TEL0853-72-5270 (Izumo Tourism Association Hikawa Branch)

Onsen good for your skin 21Tamatsukuri Onsen Yu-yu

Tamatsukuri is Japan's oldest onsen known to be "good for your skin". The effect was scientifically proven recently and is now drawing even more attention from ladies. You can find varieties of souvenirs, enjoy a footbath, or take in the spiritual spots.

A255, Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-cho, Matsue-City

O10am-10pm (Reception closes at 9:20pm)

CMonday (If holiday, close the following day)



Melting into the landscape of Lake Shinji 22Matsue Shinjiko Onsen

Onsen town very accessible to Matsue city. Lake Shinji can be seen from the hotels. Good to cool down your body at the lakeside after taking a hot spring. A footbath is available in the town.

A59, Chidori-cho, Matsue-City

TEL0852-21-7889 (Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Union)

Healed by hot water from the ground 23Kashima Taku no yu

Drop-by Onsen facility with variety types of baths, including an open-air bath, sauna, and private bath (reservation required).

A885-7, Kitakobu, Kashima-cho, Matsue-City

O10am-9pm (Reception closes at 9:330pm)

CTuesday (If holiday, close the following day)



Utopia where deities descent 24Yakumo Onsen Yuai Kumanokan

Onsen hotel in the town of Kumano shrine. In addition to seasonal delicious dishes visitors can enjoy a variety of styles of baths, including a Japanese garden rock bath.

A773-1, Kumano, Yakumo-cho, Matsue-City


CEvery 3rd Tuesday



Relaxing time in a melancholic space 25Kimachi Toji Mura Omori no yu

A hot spring reminiscent of an old spa. This open air onsen makes your skin smoother. Local dishes are available at the "Irori Jaya" restaurant.

A210-1, Kamikimachi, Shinji-cho, Matsue-City

O10am-9:30pm (Reception closes at 9pm)

CTuesday (If holiday, close the following day)



Amago clan's free-flowing hot spring 28Saginoyu Onsen

Legend has it that an egret cured its injury from this free-flowing hot spring. With clear and smooth water, the site functioned as the local hot spring base during the Sengoku period. Many hotels in the area also have their own hot springs.

AFurukawa-cho, Yasugi-City


TEL0854-23-7667 (Yasugi City Tourism Association)

Heal yourself with a view of the Sea of Japan 51Minato Onsen Honokami

The concept of Honokami is "Omotenashi". The conventional building was renovated to have a broader rest space with a modern Japanese taste. All 10 rooms are equipped with a family bath, and each room has its own unique atmosphere and bath. The Sea of Japan and Mt. Daisen can be seen from every room.

A255-5, Takenouchi Housing complex, Sakaiminato-City

OMain bath 10am-9pm (Reception closes at 8:30pm) Reserved family bath 10am-10pm (Reception closes at 9pm)

CEvery 3rd Wednesday (If holiday, close the following day)



The Healing Buddha for the eyes 05Ichibata Yakushi Temple

The healing Buddha, said to heal "eye diseases" and to grant "children's healthy growth", has long been worshiped from all over Japan. You can try Zen meditation and stay at the Western style private cottage located within the premises. It has magnificent view from the peak including Lake Shinji and mountains like Izumo-fuji and Daisen.

A803, Kozakai-cho, Izumo-City




Street with history and culture 06Momen Kaido (Cotton Street)

You can see the beautiful old houses of merchant and pedigree family from Edo and Meiji Era. Some activities such as soy sauce brewery guided tour and Japanese sake tasting are available. A precious area where you can see the original Japanese townscape.

A841, Hirata-cho, Izumo-City

OExchange Center 9am-5pm

CTuesday (If holiday, close the following day)


TEL0853-62-2631 (Momen Kaido Exchange Center)

Shrine to repose the soul of Susanoo no mikoto 10Susa Shrine

Historical shrine mentioned even in "Izumo no kuni fudoki" that enshrines the hero of Izumo mythology, "Susanoo no mikoto" These days it is known as one of the most spiritual places in Japan, including the 1200 year old giant cedar.

A730, Sada, Sada-cho, Izumo-City



Tour to seek out the kunibiki mythology 17Tour of Ou 6 shrines (Iya Shrine)

"Ou" is the center of politics and culture in the ancient Izumo no kuni. The six shrines including "Yaegaki" and "Kumano" located in Ou area are all closely connected to Izumo no kuni no Miyatsuko and are said to have been worshiped from ancient times.

A2229, Iya, Higashiizumo, Matsue-City



A pond of fortunetelling 18Yaegaki Shrine

Yaegaki Shrine enshrines a hero and his wife (Inata-hime), together known as Susanoo no mikoto. Legend says the hero protected his future wife from the giant snake Yamata no orochi. "Kagami no Ike" pond is a popular spiritual spot and offers visitors a chance to predict the prospects of marriage.

A227, Sakusa-cho, Matsue-City



Shrine for relationships and beauty 19Kumano Taisha Shrine

Kumano Taisha is the most important provincial shrine in the ancient Izumo no kuni and enshrines deity Susanoo no mikoto. It is said Susanoo no mikoto gave a comb to Princess Inada at the time of her engagement ceremony.

A2451, Kumano, Yakumo-cho, Matsue-City



A port town to live with deities 20Miho Shrine

The grand head shrine of Ebisu, the god of good fortune. Many people visit the shrine together with Daikoku at Izumo Taisha, the grand shrine where local people have long worshiped deities. The town in the area flourished as a port for many vessels.

A608, Mihonoseki, Mihonoseki-cho, Matsue-City



A spiritual spot with old cedars 27Kiyomizu Temple

Many worshippers visit the temple to drive away evil. There are several important cultural properties in this solemn temple. Its 3-Story Pagoda is the only wooden multi-story Pagoda in the San'in area. The beauty of its full zelkova architecture is overwhelming.

A528, Kiyomizu-cho,Yasugi-City


COpen 7 days a week



Strong fortress of Amago clan 30The ruins of castle of Gassan Toda

The ruins located in the Gassan area are known for being the base of the Amago clan as it went to conquer the San'in and Sanyo region. It is designated as a national historic landmark and well known for its cherry blossom trees.

AToda, Hirose-cho, Yasugi-City


TEL0854-32-3357 (Yasugi City Tourist Information Office Hirose Branch)

The head shrine of "God of Iron" 34Kanayago Shrine

To this day, the shrine has been worshiped by "Tatara craftsman" and people in the iron industry. Built in 1881, the guard frame of the shrine is said to be the tallest stone-built frame in Japan.

A307-1, Nishihida, Hirose-cho, Yasugi-City


TEL0854-34-0700 (Kanaya Shinwa Minzoku-kan Closes Dec-Mar)

360 degree panoramic view 37Yonago Castle Ruins

There used to be two castle towers at Yonago Castle. The stone wall stands as a reminder of the ancient castles. You can see the city, Nakaumi, and Chugoku mountains from the top of the ruins.


PMinatoyama Park Parking


An ancient Tendai sect Buddhist temple 56Daisenji Temple

Daisenji Temple was founded about 1,300 years ago by Shumpo from Izumo. The main hall was burnt down in 1928 and re-established in 1951. It contains many precious items including important cultural properties. Daisenji is known as a famous temple in the San'in region.

A9, Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-Gun


CHomotsu-kan (Reiho-kaku) closes Dec, 1 - Mar, 31.

PDaisen Bakuroza Parking


One of the largest Yayoi era village ruins 59Mukibanda Yayoi settlement site

Under the "Revived Kunimura" concept, the education board of Tottori Prefecture preserved, managed, and exhibited this historic park. Family events include a lecture of Mukibanda in the Yayoi era and a starry sky observation nigh.

A1115-4, Muki, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-Gun

O[september-June] 9am-5pm  [July・August] 9am-7pm

CEvery 4th Monday (If holiday, close the following day), 12/29-1/3

PBuses 3 Lots / Car 60 Lots (Handicapped lots available)


One of Japan's largest Gongen-zukuri (buildings) 60Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya

It is said this shrine originated as a worship space for monks in Buddhist training.
<Three No.1 in Japan>
- 700-meter approach with natural stones
-Largest Gongen-zukuri (buildings) in Japan (National important cultural property)
-Beautiful, large-scale lacquered decoration

A1, Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-Gun

PDaisen Bakuroza Parking


A paradise of flowers and birds at the lakeside 12Matsue Vogel Park

On the hill of the lakeside of Lake Shinji is a paradise of flowers and birds. Flowers are in full bloom throughout the park. Visitors can touch various birds in a greenhouse and enjoy events like an owl show.

A52, Ogaki-cho, Matsue-City

O9am-5:30pm (October-March -5pm)

COpen 7 days a week



An industrial hall at Horikawa riverside 16Karakoro Workshop

This building was constructed as a Matsue Branch of the former Bank of Japan. You can enjoy events such as creating accessories and making Japanese confectioneries.

A43, Tonomachi, Matsue-City

O[Workshop] 9:30am-6:30pm [Restaurant] 11am-6:30pm (Last order at Biidoro 10pm)

C12/30-1/1 *Some workshops have regular holiday



Dojo-sukui or loach-catching Dance 29Yasugibushi Performance Hall

An entertainment hall where you can always enjoy Yasugi-bushi, a Japanese local folk dance. Enjoy a live show in the main hall or dishes of loach, an eel-like freshwater fish, served at the restaurant.

A534, Furukawa-cho, Yasugi-City


CWednesday *Close only on 1st Wednesday of the month in May, Oct, and Nov. Open if holiday.



Try indigo dyeing and weaving 31Hirose Kasuri Center

Fabric with splash patterns known as Hirose Kasuri are very labor intensive. They are dyed with indigo then carefully hand-woven. This technique creates a sturdy fabric while keeping a simple and natural look. Visitors can try dyeing with indigo for themselves.

A775-1, Machicho, Hirose-cho, Yasugi-City


CWednesday, Year-end and New Year holidays



Downtown tour by boat 44Kamogawa River and Nakaumi cruising

A boat cruise in the downtown of Yonago. The cruise starts from Tenjinbashi Bridge on Kamogawa River through to Nakaumi for about 50 minutes with unique guidance by a boatman.

ANakamachi, Yonago-City


CDecember-March (Canceled in case of rain and snow)



The mysterious world of Shigeru Mizuki 47Mizuki Shigeru Museum

Mr.Shigeru Mizuki is known as a manga artist, yokai scholar, and adventure traveler. The museum was established in 2003 in his hometown of Sakaiminato city and displays his complete collection of works. The museum has 700 items and exhibits a variety of collections including original illustrations, pictures, old comic books, and yokai figure dolls.

A5, Honmachi, Sakaiminato-City (Arcade Dori, Honmachi)

O9:30am-5pm (Reception closes at 4:30pm)

COpen 7 days a week

PPlease use Municipal Parking


Numbers of cute fish are waiting 48Sea and Life Museum

Sea and Life Museum is a waterless aquarium and displays stuffed fishes of 4000 items and 700 species. This museum also exhibits a variety of rare fishes, such as the largest sunfish in Japan and a great white shark. Please come to feel the reality and beauty of the sea creatures.

A8-1, Hanamachi, Sakaiminato-City

O9:30am-5pm (Reception closes at 4:30pm)

CTuesday (If holiday, close the following day), 12/29-1/1

PAvailable (Available for buses)


Ski slope with ocean view 57Daisen White Resort

One of the largest ski resorts in West Japan! The resort consists of four unique areas. The various types of ski slopes are a popular destination for winter sports lovers.

A96, Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-Gun

O8:30am-5pm (Depends on weather) 5pm-9pm (Night time: Every sat)

COpen only in winter

PDaisen Bakuroza Parking


White lighthouse and blue sea 02Izumo Hinomisaki Lighthouse

Hinomisaki is a National Park with cliffs and rocks. At 43.65m, it is the nation's tallest masonry lighthouse and listed in "The IALA list of 100 lighthouses". The white appearance looks great in the clear blue of ocean and sky but the contrast in the sunset is a must see as well.

A1478, Hinomisaki, Taisha-cho, Izumo-City


CDec, 30-31



magnificent view of giant rocks 03Tachikue Gorge

This is the very scenic spot with beautiful canyons throughout the year. Cherry blossoms in spring, deep green in summer, red and yellow leaves with steep rocks in autumn, and painting-like landscape in winter. Ryokans around the torrent have not springs with magnificent views.

AOttachi-cho, Izumo-City

PHakkoen-mae/15, Wakaayu no Sato/70

TEL0853-45-0102 (Wakaayu no Sato)

Healed by traditional gardens and flowers from UK 13Matsue English Garden

One of the very few English gardens in Japan. Visitors can enjoy a variety of garden styles, some planned to the finest detail, others designed to match the natural scenery. While enjoying the gardens heal yourself by taking in the ever-changing view of Lake Shinji.

A330-1, Nishihamasada,Matsue-City

O9am-5:30pm (October-March -4:30pm)

C12/29-1/3 (Restaurant: Every Tue)



Beautiful flower island, "Daikonshima Island" 14Japanese garden, Yuushien

Visitors can enjoy something unique with each season throughout the year, such as the ever-changing peony flowers. Korean ginseng and its products are also popular.

A1260-2, Hanyu, Yatsuka-cho,Matsue-City


COpen 7 days a week



Trip to savor the nostalgic townscape Matsue Tourism Association 15Lake Shinji Sunset Spot

A beautiful sunset at Lake Shinji that symbolizes "The Water city" is chosen as one of the "Best 100 sunset spots in Japan". Right before the sunset, an ever-changing magnificent view spreads out in front of your eyes.

ASodeshi-cho, Matsue-City



Nostalgic streets and human nature 40Walking around Yonago city

Numbers of nostalgic spots still remains in Yonago city, including white mortar wall warehouses, a riverside avenue, Teramachi street, Yonago Castle Ruins and more. (Local Volunteer tour guide is available)

AYonago-City (Nakamachi   Kume-cho   Kamo-cho   etc.)



Paradise of waterbirds created by citizens 41Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary

Sanctuary of waterbirds with species registered under the Ramsar Convention. One of the most major habitats of wild birds in the San'in region and the landing zone of more than 75,000 wild birds annually. Visitors can observe the ecology of birds throughout the year.

A665, Shinden, Hikona, Yonago-City

O[April-October] 9am-5:30pm [November-March] 8:30am-5:30pm (Weekday) 7:00am-5:30pm (holidays)

CTuesday (If holiday, close the following day)



One of the biggest solar panels in Honshu 45Softbank Tottori Yonago Solar Park

One of the biggest solar power generation systems in the main island of Japan. "Tottori Nature and Environment Center" is located nearby to introduce the local renewable energy facility and Environmental NPO.

A3421-9, Ozaki, Yonago-City


COpen 7 days a week



A magnificent view of Sea of Japan 49Yume Minato Tower

The tower was built as a symbol of the "San'in Yume-minato Expo" held in 1997. Visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of the Miho gulf, Nakaumi, and Shimane peninsula from a 43-meter observation tower.

A255-3, Takenouchi Housing complex, Sakaiminato-City

O9am-6pm (October-March closes at 5pm)

CEvery 2nd Wednesday (If holiday, close the following day)

PAvailable (Available for buses)


Roller coaster-like bridge is a must-see! 52Eshima Long Bridge

Eshima Long Bridge has a beautiful and light shape based on its concept of "wind" and is known as the best photo-shooting spot at night due to its beautiful illuminated silhouette. Under clear weather Mt. Daisen can be seen from the top of the bridge.

AWatari-cho, Sakaiminato-City

PFamilyMart Ejima shop


One of the biggest flower parks in Japan 58Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park

Enjoy a seasonal flower paradise in the spacious park with a view of Mt. Daisen, the great mountain of Tottori.

A110, Turuta, Nanbu-cho, Saihaku-Gun

O[April-November] 9am-5pm [December-March] 9am-4:30pm (During illumination: Close 9pm)

C[December-March] Tuesday, 12/26-31

PBuses 27 Lots / Car 2,000 Lots


Castle-like Roadside station 09Roadside Station Kirara Taki

A north European style building makes this roadside station special. With its emerald-green ocean, Kirara beach is popular in summer. You can stay and have BBQ at nearby facility called Kirara cottage and can try thalassotherapy at Marine Thalasso Izumo.

A135-1, Taki, Taki-cho, Izumo-City


CIrregular holidays



East gateway of Shimane prefecture 35Roadside station "Ara Essa"

You can find a variety of gourmet food from Nakaumi and the latest tourism information at this station. They offer safe and fresh local agricultural products and regional specialties including loach products and Izumo soba.

A118-1, Nakaumi-cho, Yasugi-City


COpen 7 days a week (agricultural marketing 1/1-1/3)



Easy access to hotels and restaurants 38Yonago station and the center of the city

The San'in area is easily accessible from the center of Yonago City. With many hotels, ryokans and restaurants, Yonago is a great hub from which to base your trip. You can enjoy fresh seafood in this area.

ACenter of Yonago City



Home of good water and acorns 39Hakuho no Sato

Local specialties, tofu made using clean water, and dishes of acorns at "Donguri Kan", free-flowing hot springs at "Yodoe Yume Onsen" and more. Visitors can find a variety of foods and entertainment here.

A1548-1, Fukuoka, Yodoe-cho, Yonago-City



ODonguri kan 10am-6pm Yodoe Yume Hot Springs 10am-10pm (Bath time 10:30am-10pm [Reception end 9pm] ) Hoki Kodai no Oka Park 9:30am-5pm

CDonguri kan: 7days a week Yodoe Yume Hot Springs: Every 4th Wednesday (If holiday, close the following day) Hoki Kodai no Oka Park: Every 2nd 4th wednesday (If holiday, close the following day), Year-end and New Year holidays

Best selection of fresh fish from Sakaiminato 53Nakaura Tairyo Fish Market

Tairyo Ichiba "Nakaura" (Fish Market) is a department store where any marine products from the Sea of Japan can be found. Local specialties such as snow crabs, fresh fish, and dried fish are directly transacted by fish dealers at the market. The market is crowded with many visitors purchasing fresh products throughout the year.

A209, Takenouchi Housing complex, Sakaiminato-City



PAvailable (Available for buses)


The largest specialty store of marine products in western Japan 54Sakaiminato Sakana Center

Eight local dealers compete on price and freshness of the products in this spacious facility. In addition to fresh fish and crabs, they deal with fishery products including dried and processed seafoods. Visitors can ask to have their purchased fish made into sashimi.

A259-2 Takenouchi Housing complex, Sakaiminato-City


CWednesday (Holiday will open)

PAvailable (Available for buses)


Fresh and reasonable marine products! 55Sakaiminato Suisanbutsu Chokubai Center

Fresh catch from the sea of Japan can be found in the direct sales center of marine products, "Suisanbutsu Chokubai Center". Every store staff has expertise in Sakaiminato fish. Please feel free to ask any questions about marine products! Delivery is available to anywhere in Japan.

A9-5, Showamachi, Sakaiminato-City


CTuesday (If holiday, close the following day), 1/1-1/4

PAvailable (Available for buses)


Sakaiminato Suisanbutsu Chokubai Center